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We believe that every person can improve their health and live a happier and more productive life. Our approach emphasizes preventive care, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, hormone balance, adrenal and thyroid health, and allergy treatment as pillars of wellness. We’re passionate about finding and correcting the root causes of illness, not just symptoms alone and preventing disease before it begins. We practice comprehensive medicine and treat each patient as a unique individual.
Dr. Chuck Osuagwu uses his unique knowledge to guide patients through age related symptoms, alleviating chronic illness and to help them live healthier and vibrant lives. Please explore our website and contact us to schedule your appointment.

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Now serving the DFW Metroplex.
primary care doctors in garland tx

  Wellness Centers in Garland Tx 
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Integrating care for your mind, body, and soul. Your health is a complex system in search of balance. We work comprehensively to address root causes rather than simply treating symptoms, we can help you begin a new chapter in your life....More

 primary care physicians in garland tx
    primary care physicians in garland tx

We see patients from 10yrs old and up. From a sore throat to asthma, diabetes care and chronic disease management, we strive to get you an appointment in a timely manner. We have wait times less than 20mins before seen by a provider....More

 weightloss management doctors in garland tx
     weightloss management doctors in garland tx

We offer a medically supervised weight loss program. Carrying excess body fat can cut years off your life, depriving you of health and vitality, placing you at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. When you’re ready to change who you are, CMC is here for you...More 


Following a thorough evaluation of your unique biochemistry, our providers may prescribe various medical foods, supplements and herbs that not only alleviate troubling symptoms, but also strengthen your body’s ability to ward off sickness and disease....More


As we age, our production of essential hormones decline. Preventive-aging is about living younger, living healthier and living to your potential. Your journey to optimal wellness is unique, just as you are unique.....More


Allergy testing and treatment at Centerville Medical Center is designed to naturally assist the body to reduce and potentially eliminate the inappropriate signals of inflammation....More

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